Newly updated September 2011

Welcome to the LTC Info Site

 LTC Info is an on-line long-term care information and reference service for those practicing and working in the long-term care spectrum (subacute and transitional care, Skilled Nursing facilities, residential nursing facilities, Assisted Living, and other related programs and services). 

Goal of this Site

The goal of this site is to promote better clinical practice and care delivery systems as a way to improve care, regulatory compliance, and resource utilization. It also provides information for physicians serving as attending physicians and medical directors in these programs and settings.

What You Will Find

  • Unique information and publications related to subacute/postacute and long-term care
  • Critical information about medical director and attending physician roles and responsibilities in postacute/subacute and long-term care settings
  • An array of information about the application of evidence-based care and "best practices"
  • Clear discussions and interpretations of regulatory information relevant to the settings
  • Additional links and references of interest

A Major Series on Nursing Home Reform!

A major series has been published on nursing home reform. Click here to get details, an overview, as well as related Power Point slides that summarize the ideas in the series. These discussions are not readily available elsewhere!

Health Care Reform: A Unique Perspective

Click here to learn more about a September, 2010 national presentation entitled, "Improving and Reforming Health Care: Rediscovering the Basics." It is a unique approach to a very contentious topic.

Other New Information on This Site

Click here to get information that can help you identify and respect patient wishes, including those about life-sustaining treatments (new as of September, 2010).

Click here to view and order publications about subacute care and medical direction.