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Subacute and Transitional Care Handbook

Subacute and Transitional Care Handbook is a unique reference in the field of transitional and subacute care.

In this book, for the first time, a physician with long-term and subacute care background and knowledge presents an in-depth medical rationale for defining postacute care. It remains the only reference of its kind! Information about the book follows.
Key Benefits
bullet Relates successful clinical care to desired patient and business outcomes
bullet Shows how subacute providers can maximize the roles and contributions of physicians
bullet Explains how subacute care fits into a modernized integrated health care delivery system.

Audience: Physicians, medical directors, administrators, directors of nursing, regulatory agencies, educators for physician and other health care practitioner and ancillary fields

Chapter 1: Background and Environment of Subacute Care
Chapter 2: Defining the Subacute Patient Population
Chapter 3: Subacute Care's Place in an Integrated Care Delivery System
Chapter 4: Steps to Planning and Implementing Subacute Care Programs and Units
Chapter 5: Clinical Programs and Services
Chapter 6: Roles and Responsibilities of the Players
Chapter 7: The Processes of Care
Chapter 8: The Organization and Support of Care and Practitioners
Chapter 9: General Support Systems for Subacute Care
Chapter 10: Assessing and Improving Patient Outcomes and Service Quality
Chapter 11: Subacute Care Patient Cases
Chapter 12: Public Policy, Reimbursement, and Regulatory Implications
Chapter 13: A Final Word: The Challenges of Change

"Subacute and Transitional Care Handbook is written clearly and precisely. . . . Dr. Levenson takes the reader on a stepwise approach to an in-depth examination of subacute care. . . . A major strength of the book resides in its understandable presentation of a complex and oftern confusing field. . . . Other strengths include the book's design, which enables the reader to use it to reference specific questions. . . . In summary, Dr. Levenson has written the 'gold standard' text on subacute care." -Annals of Long-term Care

"This book aspires to present the first comprehensive, systematic approach for the establishment and operation of a subacute care program. . . .Chapters are arranged in an intuitive manner. . . . this text represents a seminal step in the justification for and the description of subacute care services. . . . [I]t starts from a 'first principles' approach and argues persuasively for subacute care based on clinical need. . . . In many ways, this text does for subacute care what the first sheriff provides in a contentious cacophonous boomtown: a semblance of law and order. . . . The comprehensive nature of the text makes it an excellent and necessary reference for any healthcare provider doing or contemplating subacute care." -Journal of the American Geriatrics Society